Christian Coffee House

The Coffee Depot is a ministry of Wellspring Ministries of Utah. Wellspring Ministries of Utah is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation ( Our name comes from the story of Jesus encountering the woman at the well as recorded in the Bible in John 4:4-42. Jesus, a weary traveler, stopped for rest and refreshment at a well, the town gathering place. It was there that he met a lonely woman and engaged her in conversation that eventually flowed into spiritual matters. The woman encountered Jesus and became one of his followers. Eventually, her testimony led the whole community to be transformed by a relationship with Jesus. We believe God wants to see this same thing happen in our community. There is a need in the upper Sanpete Valley for a suitable place where students and adults can gather for conversation, studying, relaxing, and just hanging out. Our community needs this “third place” (1st place = home, 2nd place = work, 3rd place = where you hang out), where relationships can be built and conversation about life and God can happen naturally. Our vision is to see a gathering place in Mt. Pleasant that would meet a community need and provide the opportunity to reach out to our community with God’s love.
Initially, the primary activity of Wellspring Ministries is to open The Coffee Depot to support the vision of a gathering place. Our amazing location is the restored train depot on the south end of Mt. Pleasant along Highway 89.  Highway 89 is the busiest street in Mt. Pleasant.  It is a designated scenic route in Utah which draws many travelers through our county.  The city has designated this historic depot as their tourist information center.  In addition, the area is being developed with boxcar cabins for rent.  The developers are excited to have a coffee house provide breakfast for their guests.  The staff of The Coffee Depot are young people, single moms, home-school moms all who participate in the vision of Wellspring Ministries by sharing the love of Jesus with the community and serving great food and coffee with a smile.  The primary funding to establish The Coffee Depot comes through churches and individuals who support the mission of Wellspring Ministries of Utah.
Wellspring Ministries of Utah has been designated as the “Restart Opportunity” for a new church by the Board of Trustees of First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Pleasant and is recognized as such by the Presbyterian denomination, ECO — A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.  For more information about Wellspring Ministries of Utah or to donate to this ministry visit our webpage: