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Acai’Acai juice, frozen banana, strawberries, ice


BerryBerry fruit mix, apple juice or OJ, frozen banana, ice



Spinach, almond milk, OJ, mint, lemon, fresh ginger, apple, frozen banana. ice


Mango —

Mangos, apple juice or OJ, frozen banana, ice


StrawberryStrawberries, apple juice or OJ, frozen banana, ice


Strawberry Lemonade – Lemon juice, strawberries, strawberry syrup, ice




Breakfast Panini  8.50

Two steamed scrambled eggs, 2 bacon slices, colby jack cheese, savory cream cheese spread on a buttery croissant; lightly grilled 


Western Wrap      9.00

Three steamed scrambled eggs, sweet peppers, spinach, avocado spread, ancho sauce & pepper jack cheese, wrapped in a chipotle tortilla. Served with a side of salsa


Itty Bitty Breakfast   8.50

Egg whites, sweet peppers & spinach steamed in a mini “souffle.”  Served with choice of sourdough toast, a muffin, or bagel & fruit garnish.


Avocado Toast       8.00

Choice of sourdough or whole grain bread (2 pieces) or bagel; spread with butter, cream cheese, or hummus; topped with fresh avocado & tomato slices, salt, pepper, & dill.  Served open face with fruit.



Muffins:`         `          3.00

  Blueberry Cobbler
  Strawberry Rhubarb
  Cinnamon Streusel Walnut
  Chocolate Chunk
  Gluten Free Blueberry
  Gluten Free Chocolate

Bagels w/ cr. cheese    3.50

Lg Danish                      3.50

Cinnamon Roll              3.50



Strawberry (seasonal)



Banana Crepe     8.50

Nutella spread on two crepes then rolled up with banana spears and topped with whipped cream,   banana slices and chocolate drizzle



Broccoli Crepe     8.50

Rotisserie chick en with broccoli warmed with pesto and cilantro lime ranch dressing, rolled into two crepes, served on a bed of spring mix lettuce with cilantro lime ranch drizzle, sweet pepper, cucumber & tomato chunks sprinkled on top.  


small 12 oz.
medium 16 oz.
large 20 oz.

Latte – 4.00  4.50  5.00

Espresso with steamed milk & your choice of flavor syrup


Macchiato- 4.00  4.50  5.00

Layers of flavor syrup, steamed milk & espresso


Mocha –    4.00  4.50  5.00

White, dark, or “tan” chocolate sauce, espresso, & steamed milk with whipped cream


Cup to Go – 3.00  3.50   4.00

Cafe Ibis Moab drip coffee


Dirty Chai – 4.25  4.75  5.25

A chai latte with espresso


Americano – 3.25  3.75  4.25

Espresso with hot water


Capuccino 4.00  4.50  5.00

Espresso with steamed milk foam “cap”


Cold Brew3.00  3.50  4.00

Cafe Ibis – Moab


Espresso (2) – 3.00

The pure shot


London Smog- 3.75  4.25  4.75

Choice of tea with espresso


Shot in the Dark-3.75  4.25  4.75 

Drip coffee with shot of espresso


FRAPPES 4.00  4.50  5.00

Cold brew concentrate, frappe flavors, syrup, blended with ice; topped with whip cream 

Mocha * Caramel * Java Chip

Toffee Mocha * SF Mocha

White Chocolate * Chai * Frozen Hot Chocolate * Chocolate Mint  Caramel Creme * Matcha



B.A.T.T.  Panini      8.50

Bacon slices, avocado, turkey slices and tomato, with cilantro lime ranch dressing & colby jack cheese; grilled


Chicken Panini      8.50

Rotisserie chicken with roasted red peppers, pesto, dijon mustard, mayo, and asiago cheese.  Fruit garnish.


Beef Panini          8.50

Roast beef slices. pepper jack cheese, red onions, sweet peppers, mayo, cilantro pesto & ancho ranch dressing.  Fruit garnish.


Veggie Panini       8.50

Hummus, avocado spread, sweet & roasted red peppers, cucumber, tomato, & muenster cheese.  Fruit garnish.


Cheese Panini      .6.00

Colby jack cheese on grilled sourdough served with fruit


Build Your Own       8.50

Choice of: A bagel, sourdough bread, or croissant; mayo, cilantro lime ranch dressing,  or chive & onion cream cheese; turkey or beef; muenster, colby jack, pepper jack, or asiago cheese; with spinach, tomato & cucumber slices.  Fruit garnish.





Chai Latte- 4.00  4.50  5.00

Chai tea with steamed milk


Frozen Hot Chocolate 

3.50  4.00  4.50

Ghirardelli chocolate frappe mix, white chocolate sauce, milk & ice blended; topped with whipped cream


Hot Choc. –  3.50 4.00 4.50

White, dark, or “tan” chocolate sauce with steamed milk and whipped cream


Italian Soda 3.50 4.00 4.50

Choice of flavors, club soda, 1/2 & 1/2 topped with whipped cream



Choc. Milk – 3.50 4.00  4.50

White or dark chocolate sauce with cold milk


Juices – 3.50  4.00  4.50

Red Barn Apple Juice or OJ


London Fog-  3.00 3.50  4.00

Earl Gray Tea with steamed milk


Steamer – 3.25  3.75  4.25

Steamed milk with flavored syrup


Snake River Teas –

2.25  2.75  3.25

Black:  Earl Gray or English Breakfast

Green: Ban Cha, Citrus Mint Sencha, or Acai with Raspberry

Rooibos: Plain Rooibos,  or Earl Gray de la’ creme

Herbal: Cold Comfort, Caramel Macchiato, Ginger Tumeric, Evening in Missoula, or Chamomile  Lavender

Oolong & Matcha Latte


Extras: (Extra Charge)

Espresso Shot

Syrup flavor pump

Milk Alternatives —

Almond  *  Oat

Coconut  *  Soy

1/2 & 1/2 (breve)




English Toffee
White Chocolate
Irish Cream
Pumpkin Spice
* Available in Sugar Free


Asian Beef Salad     8.00

Roast beef, roasted red peppers, broccoli, with warmed sesame ginger dressing.  Served on a bed of spring mix lettuce.  Topped with crispy noodles & sesame seeds.


Cali Wrap/Salad      8.00

Turkey slices, avocado spread, tomatoes, cucumbers, muenster cheese, spring mix lettuce, cilantro lime ranch dressing in a spinach tortilla wrap.


Caesar Wrap/Salad      8.00

Rotisserie chicken chunks, parmesan cheese, crunchy garlic croutons, spring mix lettuce, Caesar dressing in a spinach tortilla wrap.


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